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Momentive’s Cardura™ Monomers Achieve 2K Polyurethane Waterborne Automotive Topcoats through Efficient, One-step Process

March 18, 2013 at 11:16 AM EDT

Time and energy-saving method makes attractive, durable, quick-drying, solvent-less coatings suitable for transportation applications

COLUMBUS, Ohio – (March 18, 2013) – Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. (“MSC” or  the “Company”), the leading supplier of Versatic™ acid derivatives for automotive coatings, has developed a novel way to produce resins for two-component (2K) polyurethane waterborne topcoats in a one-step process using its own Cardura brand of glycidyl ester. This method is faster and more energy efficient than the traditional polymerization process.

Conventional acrylic polyols for waterborne polyurethane topcoats are prepared via a solution polymerization process, followed by solvent removal. The resins are then dispersed in water. This lengthy process requires high energy levels to distill the solvent. It also favors side-reactions that impair the performance of the resultant coatings.

Cardura glycidyl ester has been found to enable the preparation of high-quality acrylic resins in a simple, one-step process. Coatings with a solvent level of about 14 percent, utilizing either Cardura E10P monomer or the new Cardura E9 monomer (under development), have been evaluated.

“Cardura monomer makes 2K polyurethane clearcoats that are very good-looking, durable and quick drying—an excellent combination of properties for transportation applications,” says Denis Heymans, Research and Technical Service Manager at MSC. “Resins made with our new Cardura E9 monomer have higher glass transition temperatures, so they produce coatings that harden faster—really useful for automotive refinishing.”

Cardura monomer-based polyester reactive diluents have also been successfully tested to eliminate the need for any solvent during acrylic polymerization. This opens another new and effective route to 2K polyurethane waterborne topcoats.

For further information, visit Hall 7A – Booth 231 at the 2013 European Coatings Show, attend European Coatings Congress Session 1.3 “A possible route to solvent-free transportation and automotive topcoats” on March 18, 11:00-11:30h, or visit

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