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Momentive Specialty Chemicals’ Oilfield Technology Group Offers New Proppant Designed to Enhance Oil Production

October 25, 2011 at 8:21 AM EDT

HOUSTON, Texas - (October 25, 2011) - The Oilfield Technology Group (OTG) of Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc., today announced the introduction of a new resin coated proppant for fracturing service companies and operators in the oil & gas industry. 

“There is renewed drilling activity in oil and liquid-rich reservoirs throughout North America. These reservoirs require fracture stimulation to make the wells economically feasible. Proppant selection is critical to the success of these fracturing treatments because oil production requires higher proppant pack permeability compared to dry gas production,” said Jerry Borges, Vice President, Oilfield Technology Group.

Momentive’s new OilPlusTM proppant is an advanced curable resin coated fracturing sand available in a 20/40 mesh size.  OilPlus is specifically designed for fracturing treatments in oil and liquid-rich reservoirs. The resin system of this patent pending proppant increases the relative permeability to oil in the proppant pack resulting in higher oil production.  Laboratory tests have shown that OilPlus proppant demonstrated 283 percent more oil flow through the proppant pack than conventional proppant.

“This advanced new product is a valuable asset to our ever-expanding line of curable resin coated proppants.  Our testing has proven that OilPlus provides much greater well production by increasing the flow of oil through a proppant pack,” Borges said. 

Resin coated proppants are used in the hydraulic fracturing process to help optimize production from oil and gas wells by maximizing fracture flow capacity from the reservoir to the wellbore. 
Technological innovations and Momentive’s introduction of enhanced materials have expanded the use of resin coated proppants into unconventional reservoirs that feature complex and challenging geological formations. Momentive’s experienced personnel, with their years of hydraulic fracturing knowledge and expertise, continue to bring advanced proppants to the industry.

About Momentive’s Oilfield Technology Group
Momentive Specialty Chemicals’ Oilfield Technology Group is a global leader in resin coated proppants for use in hydraulic fracturing. Momentive pioneered the technology more than 20 years ago to help customers optimize fracture flow capacity and improve post treatment well production.  Momentive is committed to enhancing its industry leadership and meeting its customers' specific application needs with a total solutions approach of quality products and services. Additional information is available at

About the new Momentive
Momentive Performance Materials Holdings LLC is the ultimate parent company of Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. and Momentive Performance Materials Inc. (collectively, the “new Momentive”).  The new Momentive is a global leader in specialty chemicals and materials, with a broad range of advanced specialty products that help industrial and consumer companies support and improve everyday life. The company uses its technology portfolio to deliver tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers around the world.  The new Momentive was formed in 2010 through the combination of entities that owned Momentive Performance Materials and Hexion Specialty Chemicals. The company is controlled by investment funds affiliated with Apollo Global Management, LLC.  Additional information about the new Momentive and its products is available at


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