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Momentive Launches New Line of Concrete Additives under HexiCrete™ Brand Name

January 18, 2011 at 1:06 PM EST

HexiCrete Additives Specifically Designed to Improve Concrete Performance and Contractor Productivity While Reducing Environmental Impact

COLUMBUS, Ohio - January 18, 2011 - Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc., will introduce a new and unique line of HexiCrete concrete additives for pavement applications at the World of Concrete tradeshow  in Las Vegas.

The HexiCrete family of additives includes Type I and Type II curing compounds, a penetrating sealer, a roller compacted concrete additive and a pervious concrete additive. All of the products meet or exceed relevant industry standards, offer distinctive performance properties, and many feature patent-pending new technology.

“Our goal in developing the HexiCrete family of additives is to bring innovation and new products to the marketplace that offer solutions and opportunities for contractors, specifiers and ready-mix producers,” says Ken Cargill, Business Manager of Momentive. “These new materials help fill the industry’s need for products that enhance concrete performance while offering operating and environmental advantages.”

HexiCrete Curing Compounds Feature Zero VOCs

To meet increasing demand for products with a reduced environmental impact, both the HexiCrete Type I and Type II curing compounds have shown less than detectable VOC levels when tested per EPA 24 and ISO 17895.

In addition to their low-VOC profile, the HexiCrete curing compounds are easy to mix and apply. They dry quickly, are compatible with a wide range of form release agents, and are fully qualified per ASTM C309. This translates into consistent, strong cures and more durable concrete placements.

HexiCrete Type I-D curing compound contains a minimal amount of tint to assist in visual identification.  The white tint in HexiCrete Type II passes the more rigorous reflectance test per ASTM C309 of >60%.

Patented Technology Makes HexiCrete Penetrating Sealer More Cost-Effective

With the new HexiCrete PS 259D penetrating sealer, Momentive also takes saline control to the next level.

Traditionally, in order to inhibit chloride penetration into concrete, surface sealants such as epoxy resins or latex emulsions have been used to physically fill void space in the concrete. HexiCrete PS 259D works by penetrating the concrete surface and activating a unique chemical mechanism that increases pore system connectivity. This results in excellent performance and more cost-effective application when compared to other products.

HexiCrete PS 259D meets or exceeds all of the specification requirements per AASHTO T259, is easy to use, dries quickly and is highly reflective to assist in even application.

HexiCrete Roller Compacted Concrete Additive Delivers More Consistent, Dense Mixes with Less Aggregate and Roller Passes

Roller compacted concrete is another application where a new HexiCrete product promises multiple benefits to industry.

HexiCrete RCC 450 is a proprietary admixture that has been shown to improve the workability and strength of roller compacted concrete mix designs while reducing their variability. The key is HexiCrete RCC 450’s unique lubricity, which allows for a higher density mix with less aggregate without adversely affecting compactive strength.

This delivers benefits from the mix plant to the jobsite. HexiCrete RCC 450 reduces the ready-mix producer’s operating expenses by cutting both aggregate per batch costs and the amperage required to mix aggregate and water. Contractors benefit because HexiCrete 450 mixes are more flexible and deliver improved compaction with fewer roller passes.

Proprietary HexiCrete Pervious Concrete Additive Improves Permeability, Reduces Installation Hassles

The final admixture which Momentive will highlight at World of Concrete is HexiCrete PC 350. Its proprietary chemistry enhances the bond between the cement paste and aggregate in pervious concrete mix designs, thereby creating additional strength while optimizing the void structure for improved drainage. Used in conjunction with a HexiCrete curing compound, HexiCrete PC 350 also increases water retention during the critical seven-day curing period for pervious mixes, making plastic sheeting obsolete.

The HexiCrete products will be showcased in the North Hall, Booth N856. They all come with field service support – including coordination with local and government associations on the product field requirements – and multiple packaging options.

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