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Hexion Specialty Chemicals’ Melamine Adhesive First to Meet Highest Heat Resistant Adhesive (HRA) Standard, Certified for Unrestricted Use by Finger-jointed Stud Manufacturers

May 11, 2007 at 12:00 AM EDT

COLUMBUS – (May 11, 2007) – Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc. today announced that several key grading agencies have certified that Hexion's Melamine Adhesive MR-84A/M-605LY meets the highest American Wood Council (AWC) requirements for heat resistance in finger-jointed stud applications per test Method A.

Hexion's melamine product is the first adhesive under the new fire-rating standards adopted by the AWC to be certified via test Method A for use with any lumber species, grade or finger-joint geometry.

“This is important news for all finger-jointed stud manufacturers,” said David Hemm, Vice President, Performance Adhesives for Hexion. “There is now an option for finger-jointed stud producers who want the security and market acceptance of a glue system that has met the highest Heat Resistant Adhesive (HRA) standard, confirmed by one of the industry's leading grading agencies.”

In 2006, the AWC initiated a research program to better understand the importance of adhesives used in end-jointed lumber in fire-rated assemblies. As part of the research, the wood products industry – including Hexion – conducted fire-resistance tests on finger-jointed wall assemblies using many different adhesives. Based on findings from these tests, in February 2007 the AWC issued qualification criteria for finger-jointed lumber adhesives along with appropriate requirements for proper labeling for identification by building officials.

The new glued lumber policy provides for two testing methods. Method A is designed to minimize the variables in test wall assemblies to ensure that the adhesive is isolated for qualification. Method B was offered as an alternative for testing a finger-jointed stud system – that is, the wood species, grade, joint geometry and adhesive system in total. Adhesives that pass Method A are certified HRA for unrestricted use. Adhesives that pass Method B are only certified HRA with the specific lumber species and finger-joint geometry used in the test.

“Hexion strongly supports these new, rigorous, industry-wide fire-resistance standards to reassure building code and safety professionals about the integrity of finger-jointed products,” adds Hemm. “We're committed to providing the engineered lumber industry with the highest heat-performing adhesives.”

Hemm said that Hexion is pursuing Method A testing and certification for its phenol-resorcinol resin systems as well as other select adhesive products.


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