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Hexion Specialty Chemicals Announces Price Increases For Inks Resins

June 13, 2006 at 12:00 AM EDT

COLUMBUS, Ohio - (June 13, 2006) - Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc. announced today that it will increase prices for a variety of inks resins products in North and Latin America effective for all shipments July 1, 2006, or as contract terms allow. The price increase includes the following adjustments:

  • Alkyds by $.02/lb. to $.03/lb.
  • Rosins, Resins, Rosin Resins, and Resin Solutions by $.03/lb. to $.05/lb
  • Heatset, Webfed, Quickset and Sheetfed Vehicles and Vehicle Compounds by $0.02/lb. to $0.05/lb.
  • Prince Modified Rosin Esters by $0.20/lb.
  • Polyamide Resins by $0.15/lb.
  • Several Wax Compounds and Dispersions by $0.05/lb.
  • Acrylic Polymers by $0.10/lb.
  • Polyketone Resins by $0.05/lb.
  • Waterbased Resin Solutions by $.02/lb.
  • Sulfopolyester Resins and Dispersions by $.10/lb.

This increase is necessitated by the continued rise in the costs for raw materials and other factors. Hexion sales representatives will be contacting their customers with specific details.

About Hexion Specialty Chemicals

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Vice President, Public Affairs
Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc.
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