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Brüggemann Chemical Group Collaborates With Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc. To Improve Monomer Conversion In Post-Polymerization

July 14, 2010 at 11:13 AM EDT

COLUMBUS, Ohio - (July 14, 2010) - In an effort to help coatings manufacturers continue to reduce residual monomer and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in their products, Brüggemann Chemical and Hexion Specialty Chemicals have collaborated on a process that greatly enhances monomer conversion.

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The process utilizes Brüggemann’s Bruggolite®FF6 M reducing agent during the post-polymerization process to remove residual monomers from emulsions containing Hexion’s VeoVa™ vinyl ester monomer.  Use of the highly reactive Bruggolite®FF6 M reducing agent has been demonstrated to lower the residual content of VeoVa monomer in core/shell VeoVa-modified acrylic polymers to a level below 200 parts per million (ppm).  Traditional reducing agents generally leave residual polymers at levels of about 2,000 ppm in such core/shell polymers.


“Increased environmental awareness, regulatory initiatives and marketplace demands are driving ever more stringent requirements regarding polymers and VOCs in coatings,” said Dr. Uwe Robben, Product Manager, Brüggemann.  “Our process represents a step change in post polymerization performance over traditional systems.” 


Hexion’s VeoVa vinyl ester monomer is a specialty monomer used to formulate high-performance acrylic emulsion polymers for a wide variety of decorative and industrial coating applications such as wood coatings, anti-corrosion coatings and concrete coatings.  VeoVa monomer can be used in water-based acrylic and vinyl coating systems, redispersible powdered mortar admixtures, adhesive formulations and other applications.  It has outstanding physical properties that can add resistance to alkali, water and ultraviolet light, repel water and enhance adhesion on dissimilar substrates.  VeoVa monomer is especially suitable for use in high solids and water-based systems where hydrophobicity, hydrolytic stability, adhesion and UV resistance are required. 


Bruggolite®FF6 M is an innovation in the area of sulfur based reducing agents, invented, patented, produced and marketed by Brüggemann Chemical.  It is used worldwide in acrylic, styrene acrylic and vinylic systems. Its increased reactivity makes Bruggolite®FF6 M superior to traditional reducing agents. It is free of formaldehyde and does not cause any yellowing. Bruggolite®FF6 M is especially suitable for post-polymerization in order to decrease residual monomers.


Technical information for the optimal use of Bruggolite FF6 reducing agent in combination with VeoVa monomer is available for download on the Brüggemann Chemical home page at


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Based in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Columbus, Ohio, Hexion Specialty Chemicals is the global leader in thermoset resins. Hexion serves the global wood and industrial markets through a broad range of thermoset technologies, specialty products and technical support for customers in a diverse range of applications and industries. The company is controlled by an affiliate of Apollo Management, L.P. Additional information is available at




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